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Slowing down in The Hague

Canal, The Hague

The canal courses through the city where the buildings are old and imposing. At the very heart, cycling is the only way to travel – it’s faster than being a pedestrian and the terrain is almost completely flat.

Kelly’s Bronze: Essex birds

Close up turkeys, Kelly Bronze, Essex

It was incredibly interesting to see that Kelly’s have been tracking their turkey gene pool for around 15 years so they can continue to produce the best turkey they can.

Finding serenity, in Bruges

Green courtyard, Bruges, Belgium

Here, it was green, lush and spacious. And so peaceful. It’s the sort of place you walk through and immediately envisage being able to draw, paint and produce poetry at length.

Sète, a place for joie de vivre

Canal, Sete, France

As the early morning sun slowly ascended, the light flickered and shimmered until it became a perfect beam, reflected by the mirror of the Setois canal into my hotel room at Hôtel de Paris.