Herbs, Luxembourg

The best foods to try in Barcelona

Herbs, Luxembourg

Barcelona is home to a heady combination of Catalan dishes, those borrowed from other regions of Spain and more westernised flavours.

With fabulous restaurants and amazing tapas bars on every corner, there’s no excuse not to immerse yourself in the delicious cuisine of the area.

Here are some great dishes to try:

Pa Amb Tomaquet

Toasted bread, often rubbed with garlic, with crushed tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil – this dish is popular throughout Spain as a breakfast dish.

It’s a real peasants’ dish and a delicious and simple one at that.

Gambas Pil Pil

Otherwise known as spicy garlic prawns, these are a hugely popular tapas or starter dish across Spain and can be found on many a menu.


One of the most popular dishes and ingredients in Catalan cuisine is Botifarra, a sausage made from raw pork and spices.

There are lots of variations, including a so-called black variety, which uses pig’s blood; Catalana, which often includes truffles; and one that incorporates rice.

Eaten alone or in other recipes, these are a staple of every Catalan kitchen.


This intensely garlicky mayonnaise is absolutely delicious and a favourite around Spain.

Perfect to dip chips in, with salad, on steak or as an accompaniment to just about everything you can imagine.

Crema Catalana

Like the French crème brûlée, this delicious set custard is made from egg yolks, milk and sugar. You’ll find it encased in numerous pastries or set with a layer of solid caramelised sugar on top.


Long strips of doughnuts served alongside a steaming cup of thick hot chocolate for dunking.

Traditionally served for breakfast or at fairgrounds, they’re little bites of sugary heaven.

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