Spring is one of the best times of the year to visit Richmond Park, the largest of the royal parks in London.

With any luck, there’s good weather in London. The first green shoots are just beginning to garnish the trees while the fiddleheads nudge their way through previous year’s fallen leaves.

Grassland, Richmond Park

You can drive through the park but walking around it is even better. And if you take a picnic along, you can easily spend an entire day inside.

I always visit the Isabella Plantation, a 40 acre woodland garden that’s surrounded by trees (to create a micro-climate). The amazing biodiversity inside means that there is always something colourful to see, even when the flowers aren’t in bloom. I love it when the willow branches are dangling over the stream that runs through the garden.

The other place to stop off at is King Henry’s Mound, which offers incredible views of the surrounding area.

Stag silhouette, Richmond Park

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Richmond Park is the wildlife.

It’s incredible that within London, you have an area of space where red and fallow deer can roam freely and you’ll see herds of them grazing in various areas of the park. They’re friendly enough to let you get close to them, though obviously bear in mind that they are completely wild.

If you know where to look, there’s also a small flock of parakeets nestling in the trees.

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  1. I’ve been to Richmond Park last summer and it was an amazing experience! Great photos 🙂

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