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Galleries, palaces & tea by David Backhouse

The Book Galleries, palaces & tea: An illustrated guide to London

The Author David Backhouse, an independent author and publisher.

The Publisher Curll Press

The Release date 20th October 2014

CURLL PRESS - Galleries, Palaces & Tea

Who’s it for? You’ll love this book if you’re a history buff or curious for lesser known facts about London. It would be particularly useful if you’re thinking of organising a walking tour of London.

What you’ll find inside The book is a sort of encyclopedia of places in London with short descriptions and brief histories. As such, it’s not so much a book to read cover to cover but rather, one to turn to for reference.

What’s missing The idea of the book is certainly excellent but for an illustrated guide, there should be many more illustrations. It has the makings of a great coffee table book but it’s not quite there.

The best bit If you do get through the whole book, you’ll have learnt some interesting facts and fun anecdotes to boot.

The Price (RRP) £9.99 for print or £1.50 as an e-book.

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